Do You Dream Of Being Your Own Boss?

How Often Have You Thought?

  1. I DREAD going to work
  2. I feel UNAPPRECIATED by my Boss
  3. I am LOSING my soul in an unfulfilling job
  4. I get IGNORED by peers
  5. I may be next to get CUT due to layoffs, consolidation, cost-savings

There is Help to Answer - "Okay, Now What?"

You’ve worked long and hard through the years to get where you are today, but you’ve got more you want to accomplish in the business world, the idea of being your own boss keeps rattling around in your head and is both scary for you, while the thought also gives you a reason to be excited about getting up in the mornings!

You'll learn, apply and benefit from the lessons consolidated from the expertise and thought-provoking insights of noted career consultant David Zahn. 

If you’ve been in search for the answer to the question, “Okay, Now What?” you’ve come to the right place to find out where the future can take you.

Want to explore how you can achieve your dream and confidently step away from those Monday Blues when you start to wish your car had a flat tire so you wouldn't have to go into work?  Click here to download your complimentary  "Four Steps to Defining Your Entrepreneurial Dream."


Don't you wish you could say what Barbara Glassman Dell said...

"For years I've pondered with the idea of working for myself.  With my career now in transition, it was beneficial to work with David.  I had all these ideas swirling around in my head, but was unsure how to get started. David helped me organize my thoughts, assess my strengths, and develop an action plan.

David was extremely easy to talk to, and his insights provided me with with the inspiration I needed to move forward.  I highly encourage anyone thinking of making a career change or starting a business to consult with David.  He is an official partner in my journey now and a valuable resource!"

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