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David Zahn has helped numerous people finally answer, "if not now, when?"

Perhaps you are dreading your job so thoroughly that you would celebrate being unable to go to work, school or the office because you twisted your ankle and could not drive; or perhaps cheered silently when you saw you had a flat tire.  Do you have mornings (or even evenings) where you utter to yourself, "I wish I could get out of this job and into my own business" so many times that you are even tired of hearing yourself think it?

Through his tailored coaching and training, David helps subject matter experts and professionals rekindle the passions, yearnings, motivations, satisfactions and successes that working in their current environment strips from us.  Rather than continue in the soulless pursuit of helping someone else to achieve THEIR dream, you can reach yours with an individualized pathway to being your own boss, running your own department, being seen as a VITAL contributor and strategic asset.

In fact, David's own entrepreneurial journey allowed him to leave his; anonymous, just a number, teaching and corporate careers by following the steps he will share with you.  He has gone on to establish both a successful consulting practice with business clients around the world, as well as aiding wanna'-be entrepreneurs and start-up businesses.  He has had a consistent six-figure income for decades now, and is ready to work with you to help you reach your goals.

 If you want to be able to say:

  1. I want CONTROL of my own destiny
  2. I don't just want to have my own business, I NEED to have my own business
  3. I want to KNOW that what I do matters - to me, to my customers/clients, to the world

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Then you are ready to become David’s own next success story? 

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