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Meet David

David Zahn has worked and succeeded in numerous industries over a thirty-five year career (is that courage, restlessness, or being opportunistic?).  He has worked as an individual contributor or subject-matter expert within companies; hired for his expertise in designing and delivering training, as well as managing employees that have been co-located with him, and other members of his team that have been remotely located.  He has hired sub-contractors and vendors, and he has successfully launched and grown his own businesses where he and his employees/colleagues were a vendor and sub-contractor themselves. His experience crosses many different industries, with roles in telecommunications, auto ID (bar code scanners and the printing of bar codes), retail and consumer products manufacturing, market research, heavy equipment manufacturing, and even consulting to health-related non-profits. 

His work has taken him to nearly every time zone and he has worked on six continents (no work as of yet on Antarctica). One of his most memorable client experiences involved working with an intimate apparel manufacturer that included having to stand in the middle of a department store comparing fabric and stitching (the stares he was given from the shoppers still haunt him).

His comprehensive business perspective and real-world, practical experience is supplemented by his academic and educational preparation.  His graduate degree is from Stevens Institute of Technology in Instructional Design which informs his approach to correctly aiding you in identifying your personal objectives, business goals, organizational strategies, and specific tactics to employ to reach your desired outcomes and results. He has a proven track record in helping workplace veterans find direction and purpose contemplating career change. As an adjunct professor in two graduate school programs at the University of New Haven, David has “stress tested” many of the approaches he uses with his satisfied and successful clients. The focus and attention you’ll receive from him is both personal and proven.

An active writer and speaker, David has four books on consulting and training skills to his credit– How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant, The Quintessential Guide to Using ConsultantsTrain to Gain, Not Remain, and Moving Forward with Consultants–In addition, he writes an on-going column on business issues for daily newspapers owned by Hearst Publications and has authored numerous articles in publications as diverse as T&D, Brandweek, MorningNewsbeat, and others. Additionally, David frequently appears on podcasts and in industry publications (BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur, Grocery Headquarters, and others) and e-zines to provide perspectives on topics as diverse as entrepreneurship, consulting, branding, sales skills, data analysis, etc.  In short, he will share his insights with anyone who asks (and some that don’t ask still get to hear his insights!).

David is an adjunct faculty member at the University of New Haven in the Graduate Schools of Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Public Administration and teaches courses in Organizational Development, Consulting Skills, and Training Design.

When David is not criss-crossing the globe working on client projects he can often be found cheering on his favorite sports teams, sharing Buffalo Chicken Wings with anyone who will join him, or getting lost in books at a library or bookstore.

Are you ready to become David’s own next success story? 

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