Still At Your Old Job But Looking For Change?

Personal Assessment

Your work with David begins with an assessment of your interests, competencies and market opportunities as they each align with your personal goals and objectives.  Based on these results, your personalized career plan is created.

Your personal assessment begins with completing a questionnaire that will help you:

  • Identify the unique strengths you may have based on your extensive experience, background, and exposures personally and professionally

  • Uncover your passions and interests that fulfill you and provide meaning and purpose to your life

  • Align what you are “good at” and what you “love to do” with what opportunities exist in the marketplace

  • Ascertain your current and future goal(s)

  • Conceptualize how to create a product or service and generate income, followers, subscribers, or customers

  • Explore your willingness and motivation to pursue a path and level of commitment to achieving your future goal(s)

  • Develop and execute a business plan that incorporates the necessary functions of; sales, marketing, production, finance, etc.

Your responses will be used to jointly develop an individualized approach that will contribute to your success and provide you with a roadmap that is consistent with your innermost desires and yearnings.  This introspective process will allow you to not only ask yourself, “what do I wish for myself,” but also will offer you a roadmap to reach it.  David  Zahn will review your responses and schedule a follow-up phone call to discuss the experience of completing the assessment and share with you in the development of your personalized answer to, “OK, Now What?”

One-on-One Consulting

Using the results of the assessment, you will receive personalized guidance, support and mentorship in a series of regularly-scheduled phone calls with David. These one-on-one sessions are designed to help you confidently answer the question, “OK, Now What?” in a timely and beneficial manner.

Rather than offer a textbook solution or a cookie-cutter response that may or may not fit your unique desires, skills, and interests; the one-on-one consulting will be a mutually determined approach to offer as much or as little guidance, direction, assistance, or encouragement along the way as requested. Through a series of scheduled phone calls, webinars, business-building activities and feedback; David Zahn will work with you and alongside you to help you achieve that “Reason for Getting Up in the Mornings” that drives you, excites you, nourishes your desire to contribute and succeed, and makes you feel whole.

As each person’s needs and wants will be different, the one-on-one consulting may take many different forms.  Some people will seek more of a coaching relationship, while others may desire to treat the one-one consulting as a time to replenish one’s motivation and recharge their inner drive to succeed.  Still others may want more structure and direction on specific tactical decisions.  David Zahn will customize his approach to meet YOUR needs, and not expect you to fit into a pre-determined relationship approach that treats everyone as if they are the same.  In fact, should your needs require expertise that extends beyond what David Zahn can offer; he will tap into his vast resource of subject matter experts to provide you with access to someone with the right background and experience to provide insights and counsel.

Quarterly Newsletter

Your engagement does not end, nor is it limited to the One-on-One Consulting support. You will also receive a quarterly online newsletter with helpful insights, links and testimonials from others who have succeeded in going down the same career path as you.

Plotting and planning your next move professionally and personally can often feel like an isolated and lonely experience.  You will likely have questions or want to know how others have done, or are doing what you are seeking to achieve.  Our quarterly newsletter will provide you with:

  • General updates across the specific skills and knowledge areas that form the foundation of your business (sales, marketing, finance, management, productions, etc.)

  • Articles of interest of other people’s success (or failures) with annotations highlighting what they did, why it worked, what to avoid, what to consider, etc.

  • An opportunity to have your questions answered

  • A section to connect with a network of people also undergoing the transition (or transformation) as they journey forward alongside of you.

Our quarterly newsletter is provided to ensure we do not simply “set it and forget it,” but rather, we work to ensure that we share the experience with you well beyond the initial engagement.  Our job is to see that you are supported and succeed in this endeavor.

Measurable Results

Without metrics and a clear sense of what is being sought, any program can claim to be succeeding. Your personalized consulting program will include the crafting of a mutual agreement with David as to how you define success and what you would like to achieve with his guidance. Thus, you’ll be assured that you will achieve measurable results which will help you reinforce and maintain your new successes. 

Through the mutual creation of a path to success that includes; building a strategy, identifying specific tasks, determining goals and objectives, agreeing on the way that success will be measured – both quantitatively and qualitatively; David Zahn will assist you in staying on track, making mid-course corrections, validating expectations, and being able to affirmatively answer the question that we only dare ask ourselves when we allow ourselves to dream of our future, “Don’t I wish I could____?” We will work together to make sure your answer is, “I not only wish I could, I can and am!”


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