Hello and Welcome to the January issue of the OkayNowWhat Newsletter!

January is the month when most of us will make an effort to integrate changes into our lives in the form of resolutions.  We commit to new behaviors (often around dieting, exercise, weight changes, etc.). and attitudes (putting ourselves first spending more time with parents or children or committing time and our expertise to organizations of interest or consistent with our beliefs and passions).  And, if this year is to be like others for many of us; it will last perhaps a week or a month. Then, it will fade as we return to old habits and our previous (current) behaviors and attitudes.

We often feel tethered to the behaviors, thinking, and approaches we have internalized over the years because they provide some source of comfort or consistency for us. Even if we do not "like" them, we stick with them because we know how to engage with and through them, they are predictable, and offer some level of familiarity to us.  Changing them means we have to confront them and choose differently.  And for some, that is an uncomfortable position to be in.  A state of unknowing.  Uncertain of how to act, what to think, what to do, etc.

It is that notion that I want to highlight in this newsletter's opening.  When is it OK to "Burn Bridges?"

Click on the image below to view a short video on some thinking about how that concept applies to business. 

 While the concept holds true for many relationships, in business we have to look at recognizing when it is time to disengage from:

1) bad ideas

2) prospects that do not show an interest in EVER buying

3) unsuccessful efforts

4) ineffective vendors or employees

 MOST IMPORTANTLY - This year is the time to work on mastering an entrepreneurial mindset for achievement and accomplishment.

I am ready to help you launch that business dream that is lurking within you and guide you through the fear, sense of overwhelm, doubts, and uncertainty.  Together, we can map out your future success!  I offer one-on-one personal coaching of varying lengths and online training that you can take at your own pace to learn and apply the lessons needed to begin the journey toward business ownership.

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There is NO RISK - If you do the work and participate as required, we will refund your money if you are not satisfied.  

Facebook Group Invitation

Click on image to be taken to a short video explaining the Facebook Group.  It is a private group that will allow us to work collaboratively to launch your business!  Join colleagues, experts, and experienced business owners in this community who will share their successes, their challenges, their insights, and their ideas with each other.




After over 30 years working in corporate training, sales enablement, management and having worn the hats of; corporate employee, entrepreneur, author, academic, keynote speaker, and youth sports coach and mentor, I am now adding to my roster of jobs - business coach.  Do you know EDUCATORS who dread their job so thoroughly that would celebrate being unable to go to work because they had a flat tire?  Or, do you have connections who are TEACHERS that have even jokingly wished for a broken leg so they could have an excuse to miss having to deal with the parts of the job they have grown weary of enduring?

I have worked with many of them to help them launch their own businesses  What I find most commonly is that they stop themselves from succeeding because they allow their pre-conceived beliefs about themselves to get in the way of their progress. They have what is commonly referred to as "Imposter Syndrome."  Their own self-talk is preventing them from moving ahead.

I want to be of service to help the overcome that - it is through that effort that the greatest rewards can be found and shared with others.  Having seen and experienced much in my career from many different sides of business relationships, I want to share it with others and provide the learning to help others accomplish their goals.

Together, we CAN achieve great things.  Working collaboratively and meeting each challenge as it arises and overcoming it until we feel completely confident in your ability to do so without guidance.  Working with your own private cheering section to lift you up when you stumble and provide you with guardrails and a metaphorical safety harness when trying new things to expand your reach and capability.  

If you are ready, so am I!  We can do this!  Click here to get started!

If you are certain you are ready to embark on your own business launch, you can  schedule a no obligation "Chat and Chew With You" conversation to explore whether my business coaching is right for you, click here


One of the challenges of being in your own business, especially as a solopreneur (working by yourself for yourself), is maintaining your presence with your prospects and customers. Expecting our prospects to remember us from a prior interaction is risky.  People are too busy and easily forget that they met someone, received an ad promoting a service (that they did not need at the time, but meant to file and save for when they MIGHT use that service in the future), or even that they had actually done business with you in the past! Therefore it is advisable to provide a stream of messaging to remain top of mind with people so that when they do need what you offer, you are top of mind for them.  One way to do that is through the creation of a Facebook Group that can allow prospects and customers to share experiences, ask and answer questions, network with each other, and do so in a private or semi-private way with people with common interests or experiences.  For more information on how to create a Facebook Group, click here. There is no cost to create the group (though you may want to allocate some money to advertise it if you choose to alert people to the existence of the group.).

Try it. You will find a treasure trove of opportunity!


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