Are you ready to launch that business idea you have been working on, thinking about, dreaming of starting?

Take the first (and most important!) step to leveraging your expertise and background to become a coach/consultant with this integrated hybrid approach to training, mentorship, collaboration, and success!   

Learn what is possible by clicking on the image below and viewing this explanatory and introductory webinar below - your future success awaits!





Over the course of thirty-two (32) self-paced modules, one-on-one mentorship and guidance tailored to your unique and specific needs, around the clock access to get questions answered, and opportunities to collaborate with others to share ideas, overcome challenges, and celebrate successes - you can leverage your skills in a profitable, successful and rewarding coaching/consulting career. Click the link below to be immediately registered for the course (and bonuses!)                                                                       

You Will Learn At the Course Conclusion What You Get
  • How to transition from your current job to your own coaching/consulting business
  • How to prioritize the steps to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness in building a coaching/consulting business
  • How to identify your marketable and transferable skills
  • How to leverage your unique gifts and value to the market
  • How to prevent yourself from being an impediment to success
  • How to feel confident in your decision to become a coach/consultant
  • How to build your coaching/consulting skills
  • How to build agreements or contracts that are easy for clients to sign
  • How to manage projects and client engagements productively and avoid conflicts













  • Have a plan or roadmap to launch your business
  • Understand the steps required to launch a business
  • Feel empowered to make the transition confidently
  • Develop the skills and experience to differentiate you/your company from others
  • Build non-manipulative, non-sleazy, non-repulsive sales skills that are ethical, moral, and comfortable for you to use
    • Have templates, job-aids, and reference materials you can review to launch your business



















In addition to the thirty-two (32) module course, you also get:

  • Lifetime access to all materials (even future updates!)
  • One-on-One mentorship and guidance through scheduled video calls 
  • Job-aids, worksheets, and reference tools to use in launching your business
  • Email access to ask questions in between scheduled sessions to keep you making progress
  • Weekly group meetings with other attendees and graduates to collaborate with, discuss challenges, share ideas, and celebrate successes
  • Guarantee that if you commit to the training and are dissatisfied, all fees will be returned













David Zahn is an Author, Adjunct Professor, Serial Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker - but most importantly, a Coach who specializes in helping educators make the transition from the classroom to the boardroom (even if that is actually a spare bedroom in your home). He has consulted with many of the Fortune 500 Companies (Johnson & Johnson, Anheuser-Busch, Hill's Pet Nutrition, Dr Pepper, Coors, Tropicana, Red Bull, SC Johnson, Shell Oil Company, etc.), but is far more passionate about helping people launch their own businesses and succeeding as their business mentor.
Okay Now What is his business devoted to assisting those with a business idea bubbling up inside of them that could use some guidance, a helping hand, support, or accountability to allow them to achieve their goals. If you are ready to succeed, click the link below